G wood is newly established company based on many years of experiene of it`s founders and workers. As the main aspects of manufacturing the customer requires accuracy, precision of making, correct prices and performance. The company is engaged in the design, production and installation of custom furniture. The basic principles and the advantage of other competition companies are the quality and the top production of the furniture, the efficiency and the durability. The future identity should be a unique and coherent visual unit. As the future company`s ambitions are intentioned for outdoor furniture manufacturing and furnishing large facilities as well as 10-20 employees. Our goal is designing and making furniture accoring to your needs and requirements.



In furniture manufacturing, we are adapting to new trends and market requirements, and as a part of this otherwise, we offer manufactured fabrics and plate materials.

Custom furniture manufacturing

While making furniture for living rooms, children rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and primers, built-in wardrobes and bathrooms we offer a large choice of materials as iveral, mediapan, veneer and massif. To help give a pleasant stay in the space, daily resting or spends quality time with familiy and friends, when designing a certain space we give importance to details and creativity in making furniture according compelling need and wishes you and your family.

Manufacture of office furniture

How to make a business space and working environment more suitable and functional for working and task work, G wood company helps you to make a space completely adjusted to you and your activities. According to your wishes and needs we can help you to make your workplace maximum used and completed with modern details.


Agreement and measurement

We are adjusted in dealing the terms and you can agree to meet with our advisor in the space you want to furnish.

Furniture design

We present projects and furniture with 3D vizualizations where the customer gets the opportunity to feel it`s own space and before starting the manufacturing. 3D vizualization convert ideas and design in reality according to the client`s wishes and requirements. You can get a real view of the furniture you want to make from a 3D drawing.

Making and installation

With the maximum professionalism, we accommodate the customer`s requirements and accord to the dealer`s plan we do the accuracy and precision of furniture making. After making the furniture follows the delivery and installation in agreed space and time.











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